Education of high-level student-athletes

It is estimated that close to one hundred young people in Secondary 4 and 5 can be considered high-level student-athletes in Quebec. These young people are identified as “elite” or “excellence” by their sports federation.

These few high-level athletes face the challenge of succeeding in their studies while facing very high demands in terms of their training and competitions. These obligations sometimes lead to numerous or prolonged absences which require special conditions for the pursuit of studies.

A schooling model developed by the Ministry

During 2009-2010, a model was developed to meet the educational needs of high-level student-athletes, regardless of the sport discipline in which they excel. This model aims to offer these “exceptional” students personalized services adapted to their needs so that they can complete their secondary studies in the conditions most conducive to success.

The schooling model for high-level student-athletes can be summed up as follows: the school that welcomes high-level student-athletes sets up a personalized service offer, thanks to which students have access, at all times, to teachers or a school counselor.

The training must, in particular, be based on a variety of educational means to serve the student well: real-time lessons by videoconference, classroom lessons at the start of the season or between competitions, educational capsules, teaching modules, exchange of information or work by e-mail, etc.

student in transition technique and tennis training partner

As for Soufiane, Benoît can benefit from the replacement of the courses of the grouped basic option and the course of physical education of the common formation by periods of sports training. This replacement can be done at any time of the year.

In addition, he can justify his school absences to go to competitions or training courses, up to 30 half-days.

Isabelle secondary 1 student and sports hope in gymnastics

Isabelle cannot be exempted from the physical education course of the common training, except derogation introduced with the administration by the means of the direction of the school.

In addition, she can justify her absences from school to go to competitions or training courses, up to 30 half-days.

How do I get the status if I don’t have it yet?

Your club must make the request to its federation which submits your file to committee 14 which will give an opinion to the Minister of Sports.

Only the document of the Minister of Sports is recognized by the General Administration of Education!

All the information and details are available on  Circular 4951: Sport and studies in ordinary secondary education (published on 18-08-2014) .

The teacher-coach or high-level referee

I am a teacher and I have the status of trainer or international referee, what are my possibilities for class exemptions?

You are entitled to up to 30 days of exemption from lessons covered by the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, which means that your salary is covered as part of your sporting activity, provided that your sport is recognized by the Adeps.

It is important to specify that the request for leave must always be endorsed by your organizing authority, which has the right to refuse this request.

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