Why Indian students prefer to go for MS in Ireland?


Indian students in particular are drawn to Ireland as a study abroad destination. It is one of the world’s safest and nicest nations and a hub for international collaboration. Indian students chose Ireland as their study location for a variety of reasons, and the number of these students is growing daily.

After the UK, Ireland is the sole English-speaking nation, in case you didn’t know. For students worldwide, this makes it the perfect place to learn. The majority of foreign students in irelandms courses, according to statistics, are from North America, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and the European Union.

Crucial Information Ireland Students Should Know Before Pursuing Higher Education

Economic Prognosis

Ireland leads the world in high-value foreign direct investment (FDI) and has an open economy. In the European Union, its economy is expanding at the quickest rate. Ireland surpassed Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom to rank second globally among 189 nations for quality of life, according to study.

Ireland’s knowledge economy is regarded as well developed. Ireland’s GDP is now valued at 476.66 billion US dollars.

India-related Relations

Ireland and India have had friendly ties since the 1800s. Trade-in services have become an important part of the commercial relations between Ireland and India. India and Ireland’s bilateral goods trade hit $1 billion in 2018–19. Aer Riant, Quinn Property Group, PM Group, CRH, and other significant Irish companies are present in India.

Prospects for Careers

The Central Statistics Office reports that Ireland’s employment rate is at a record high. International students may now find far more work in Ireland than they could a few years ago. The number of jobs in the information technology sector is increasing due to the presence of 14 major IT firms’ EMEA/European headquarters in Ireland. This comprises, among others, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Twitter. Other well-liked job paths in Ireland include those in business and finance, engineering, hospitality, and logistics and transportation.

Prospects for Education

Ireland is a vibrant, cosmopolitan country. International students pay less in tuition than students in the UK for study ms in ireland, ranging from 9,850 to 55,000 EUR (INR 8 Lacs to INR 48 Lacs) each year. In addition to attending education, you may work 20 hours a week as a part-time employee to help pay for living costs.

Technology, business, science, biotechnology, engineering, and agriculture are among the most well-known disciplines in Ireland. Over 5,000 courses are available for overseas students at Ireland’s 14 institutes of technology and 8 universities. According to the most recent study, five Irish colleges—Trinity College in Dublin, University College in Dublin, National University of Ireland in Galway, University College in Cork, and Dublin City University—are among the top 500 institutions in the world.

Variety of Cultures

Ireland is well known for having a diverse population. Because of this, it attracts a lot of foreign students, especially those from India who want to study abroad and experience a distinct fusion of cultures.

Indian students studying in Ireland are exposed to a variety of concepts, ideologies, and religious convictions, which may broaden their viewpoint and deepen their awareness of the world. Additionally, Irish colleges have courses designed especially for Indian students, allowing them to pursue higher education without having to drastically alter their way of life or culture.

Standard of Living

Ireland has an unrivaled quality of life, which makes it a wonderful destination to study in addition to having an outstanding educational system. Irish students may take advantage of all this lovely nation has to offer while studying here, including lively towns, breathtaking scenery, and an abundance of things to see and do.

With year-round music, theater, and art festivals, Ireland has a thriving cultural scene that draws tourists from all over the globe. This makes it the perfect location for those who want to study abroad and encounter other cultures.

Over 32,000 foreign students registered at Irish institutions, with more than 2,000 of them coming from India, according to the report.

In Ireland, there are four different kinds of higher education institutions:

Higher Education:

State-funded often operates without restrictions.

Institute of Technology:

Offers degree-granting courses and instruction in business, science, engineering, music, and languages.

  • University of Education:

Gives school teachers specialized instruction.

Private University:

Provide instruction and training in specialized subjects, including business studies, religion, music, law, art and design, and rural development. These programs are run by other parties.

Educational Prerequisites:

A passport copy, high school transcripts, acceptable TOEFL or IELTS scores, certificates of extracurricular activities, LORs, health insurance, essays, and personal statements are all required.

Regional Cuisine

Simple, substantial, and tasty Irish food is available all year round. Among the most well-liked regional cuisines are soda bread, shellfish, Irish stew, boxty, smoked salmon, and a few more foods.

Gorgeous Scenery

Ireland’s lovely, green scenery has earned it the nickname “Emerald Isle”. Indian students may learn about Ireland’s rich history and culture by seeing the historic castles, abbey ruins, and archaeological marvels that dot the country’s terrain.

Indian students may keep active and discover their natural surroundings by participating in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and water sports, which are made possible by the breathtaking scenery.

Visa Regulations

Ireland’s enticing immigration regulations are among the most alluring features of the nation for Indian students. Indian students may apply for a visa to enter the nation and study there for a maximum of three years. This enables them to appreciate Irish culture, concentrate only on their academics, and travel the nation while they are there.

Moreover, Indian students could be able to remain longer and get useful job experience when their studies are through. Family members who want to study abroad together might find it simpler thanks to visa restrictions that let spouses and dependents travel with the student throughout their stay.

The two most often used work visas are:

Permit for General Employment:

Allows foreign students to work in Ireland for a period of two years, with the option to renew for a further three.

Essential Skills Work Permit:

Allows foreign students to work in Ireland for a period of two years; the visa is not renewed.

An overseas student may apply for a renewed Ireland Permanent Residence Permit after living lawfully in Ireland for five years in a row.


International students who graduate may extend their visas to stay in Ireland and seek employment under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme. Indian students enrolled in Irish universities who want to work after graduation are granted a two-year post-study work visa by the Irish government.

There are several reasons why Indian students decide to study in Ireland. Ireland is a great place to study because of its well-regarded universities, affordable cost of living, and friendly people. These factors may lead to new chances and help create a bright future. It makes sense that a large number of Indian students are choosing this Emerald Isle as their study abroad location given these aspects as well as its alluring visa rules.

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